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“David McAlvany is one of the most impressive individuals I’ve ever met, so it should come as no surprise that his story of “Intentional Families” is so inspiring. How to intentionally make the world a better place with a solid legacy featuring faith, family and finance is something that everyone should hear.”

- Mike Gallagher,
Salem Radio Host

What does your family legacy mean?

Will your children value their legacy?  The history of the world is the story of great financial, cultural and ethical legacies built in one generation, only to be squandered by the following generations who were unwilling and unprepared for the roles and responsibilities that accompany them.

In Intentional Legacy, David McAlvany brings a fresh perspective to this old subject.  Drawing from more than fifty years of experience in a multi-generational wealth management firm, as well as his own personal failures and successes, David presents a strategy for “reverse engineering” your life.  Most importantly, he presents a redemptive ethic for family prosperity based on love, forgiveness, and non-contingent relationships.


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David McAlvany is a featured speaker on national television programs including CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg; on radio programs; and at financial seminars around the world. He addresses issues of family legacy, economic markets and their impact on the global economy.

David speaks on topics including  family, marriage, family financial planning, and homeschooling.


“David has masterfully woven his personal story of rebellion, grace and redemption throughout his book while giving the reader a contagious vision for paving the way for generational unity and intentional families. Legacy is, indeed one’s life message . . . it is never too late to begin the journey!”

– Adolph Coors,
Coors Brewing Company

David’s Musings on The Intentional Legacy

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